Paint Sealant vs. Carnauba Wax


As it is always a car enthusiast’s preference, I highly recommend getting your cars paint protected with the best protection on the market today, and that is Paint Sealant.  Paint Sealant will give your vehicle an average of 8-12 months of protection as long as you perform regular maintenance.  This includes washing your vehicle 2-3 times a month while utilizing the correct washing methods.  


Paint Sealant will add a superior shine and act as an invisible shield to protect your clear coat along with your paint.  If you desire that extra shine and protection to your vehicle then you can add a Carnauba Wax after you allow the Paint Sealant to cure.  I usually allow 8 hours before applying wax.  Remember always to apply your Paint Sealant first and then your wax.


Distinctive Shine



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