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Proper care of your vehicle starts with the wash.  Distinctive Shine utilizes the two bucket method.  The first bucket is filled with water and our grit guard - the second bucket is filled with water and ph. balanced car wash soap.  This system will keep your paint clean without the possibility of scratching the painted surfaces.  We will only use micro-fiber wash mitts on your vehicles painted surfaces.  We will then remove all bugs and tar from your vehicle's painted surfaces.  


We will then clay the surface to remove any contaminants left on the vehicle that are not removed when washing the vehicle.  We then recommend either adding a Paint Sealant and/or a Carnauba Wax to your vehicle's paint.  


We highly recommend cleaning your interior utilizing a European steam technology to clean and sanitize your interior.  The steam will clean and disinfect all surfaces including: carpets, upholstery, headliner, vinyl, leather, etc.  This process will give you the confidence your vehicle is clean and dry when finished professionally cleaning the interior of your vehicle.  We recommend sealing your interior carpets and vinyl surfaces to add protection from UV rays and accidental spills.  


We don't recommend utilizing carpet extractors as they only leave your interior carpets and upholstery smelling bad and soaked hours later. We will not add a glossy, greasy dressing to your vehicle's surfaces, as we only utilize sealants that have a matted look and feel.  


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